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Online Coaching

This option is for women residing outside the state of Florida, but interested in strength training, Pilates, birth preparation education, and/or safe, effective postpartum exercise. This will not be physical therapy, and Dr. Kiri will not diagnose or treat any condition related to pain. However, working under her license to teach exercise and Pilates, as well as her Prenatal and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist certification, virtual coaching will be an effective way to gain strength in motherhood. ​


Each Session is 40 min long, performed either via Facetime or Zoom. 

Price per session: $65

What is Coaching?

These sessions are meant to help you map out a plan to reach your prenatal or postpartum goals, for example:

- Prepare your body for birth

- Learn body positioning for

  progressing labor

- Return to healthy intimacy postpartum

- Gain knowledge of personalized exercise guidelines

See Below for more examples!

How does this work?

Through listening to your concerns and goals, Dr. Kiri can utilize her doctoral knowledge of how the body moves, license to teach Pilates and certification as a Prenatal and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist to give you guidance on how to reach your goals. 

What will we do during a session?

Each session will include exercise and movement practice + education, homework for you to complete, then reassessments of progress will be performed at the next visit. 

Prenatal Programming

  • Safe exercise education and programming

  • Stabilization exercises to prevent pain from sacroiliac joint laxity 

  • Posture education and training 

  • Breath work and education on the importance of full-body breathing

  • Relaxation techniques and tricks for labor

  • Specific labor education and hip positioning education for optimal baby decent 

  • Prenatal Mat Pilates

Postpartum Programming

  • C-section scar tissue mobilization education (6-10 weeks post-delivery)

  • Feeding Posture Education and corrective exercise

  • Strength training to prevent postpartum pelvic organ prolapse 

  • Postpartum appropriate Pilates

  • Body mechanics for lifting a new baby

  • General Posture strengthening

  • Return to Weight Training

What Clients Say


6 months Postpartum, Florida

"Working with Kiri was one of my best postpartum decisions! New moms and moms-to-be, check her out!!"

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