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Here are some fantastic resources available to you:

Looking for ways to start your perinatal wellness journey but don't know where to start??

In my own experience entering motherhood, these are things and people that have guided me along the way. Build your village here:



Free "First 2 Weeks Postpartum Guide"

This resource includes the "do's" and "do nots" of movement in those first 2 weeks. It also includes exercise video demonstration and a meditation to get you started! 


Postpartum, Pregnancy, Infertility, and Loss Support Online

Check out this amazing mental health counseling service! I always recommend starting therapy before things are overwhelming so you have someone already in your corner. I also recommend the "three bit rule" with therapists. Try one 3 times and if you still aren't vibing, look for someone else. 

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Needed is a brand I have been using for prenatal supplements for the last 2 pregnancies and I am a big fan! I finally have a code to offer. Use NAPTIMEPT for 20% off all products on . My favorite products are the collagen protein, omegas and probiotics!


This is a product I frequently recommend to patients who are experiencing pain with intercourse, preparing for birth or recovering postpartum. It's a great way to perform self-directed soft tissue mobilization.

Use code: KIRIKRISHINGNER for 10% off at checkout! This will make the product cheaper than buying through amazon. 

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The Women's Health R.N.

Ginny Noce has a Masters in Functional Medicine and Nutrition, and is PACKED with answers to all of your hormone questions. Check out her free guide here!

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