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Services Description

Corrective Exercise Coaching is...

Physical Therapy 
Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Personalized to you, from the comfort of your home. Start during Pregnancy and as early as 2 Weeks Postpartum!

Looking for guidance in the First 2 Weeks Postpartum? 

High Five

In Corrrective Exercise Coaching follow-ups, we will use exercises with visual demonstration and verbal cuing to promote strength and mobility, with the goal of decreasing your pain and discomfort and reaching your movement goals. 

  • Safe exercise education and programming

  • Stabilization exercises to prevent pain from sacroiliac joint laxity 

  • Posture education and training 

  • Breathwork and education on the importance of full-body breathing

  • Relaxation techniques and tricks for labor 

  • Referral and resources to pelvic floor specialists as needed.

  • Education on C-section scar tissue mobilization (6-10 weeks post-delivery)

  • Feeding Posture Education

  • Education and exercise intervention to prevent postpartum pelvic organ prolapse 

  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation to prevent leaking with exercise, coughing or sneezing

  • Pilates informed exercise for back pain

  • Body mechanics for lifting a new baby

  • Rib mobilization techniques

  • Posture strengthening/ cueing

  • Referral and resources for pelvic floor specialists in your area as needed. 

Virtual Corrective Exercise Coaching will include an evaluation on the first visit where we look into how your body moves, your strength in certain postures, biomechanics of your gait and sitting positioning, your functional range of motion, breathing mechanics, lifting mechanics, and your current concerns about pain or discomfort.

What will each appointment look like? 

Each appointment you will meet with Dr. Kiri via Facetime or Zoom, learn corrective exercises to begin reaching for your goals, and receive homework to complete throughout the following week. 

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